Self driving car

We are living in the era of technology where everyday we are amazed by the wonders of science. They use the latest technology and amaze us. The mind behind such inventions is the human mind which itself is the best creation. On every step of life we are finding that there is a race of […]


We are living in the era where the technology is changing every day. You are getting and better equipment every day. One day you are having a product the next day you are seeing its latest version. There is no limit to invention and technology. If you are a person who is interested in technology […]

Release date and new feature of java 9

Now java is going to release with new feature,including modularisation and memory saving improvement.Now java 9 have released after chief architect at the java platform. This news have relieved many programmers after an array of irritating setbacks. mainly due to issues with its modularisation effort left out of Java 8, which was released three years […]

Fact of technology

This is the era of 21st century. There are many new inventions in which the world is becoming smarter and smarter. If you are living in this era you must be amazed because of the wonders nowadays. The knowledge is increasing day by day. People are striving hard to make this world a better place. […]

PayPal to become a payment option in Samsung Pay, including in-app, online and in-store

Samsung users will be able to choose PayPal as their preferred method of payment in-app, online and in retail stores through the Samsung Pay mobile payments platform, the companies announced today. The strategic partnership will initially be available to Samsung Pay users in the United States before expanding to other countries, says Samsung. In addition […]