Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Corporation is best known for developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling computer software and other computer components including personal computers. It is an American multinational technology company and it is one of the world’s most valuable companies. It is founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates and its headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft […]

New Virtual Reality Headsets That Work On Windows 10

As the technology gets easier and more convenient day by day, one of the greatest gifts of technology is the VR or virtual reality technology. The virtual reality allows the user to live in a computer-simulated environment. The user can interact with the virtual environment through standard input devices or through multimodal devices. One of […]

IPhone wireless headphones

IPhone is the most demanded brand among the youngsters. They are fond of it. It is a brand which is highly appreciated all over the world. This brand bears a trademark that is known worldwide. It is expensive but its processor and battery are manufactured under their own supervision. They provide the best output. Every […]

Blackberry is making comback as a software company

If you were born in the 90’s and grew up in the 0’s, Blackberry probably used to be your dream phone. Long before iPhone claimed the throne, Blackberry used to be the premium smartphone brand that everyone lusted for. Blackberry debuted 18 years ago. Blackberry was beautiful, premium, graceful and had an executive feel. Blackberry, […]

Review of iPhone 8

This is the era of modernism. The technology is gaining trend. Without technology, nothing works out. Due to resources and hard work, people are making the world better and smarter. This is the era of smart things. House is changing into apartments. Lines are changed into wireless. These are the steps towards revolution. Mobile phone […]