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We are living in the era of technology where everyday we are amazed by the wonders of science. They use the latest technology and amaze us. The mind behind such inventions is the human mind which itself is the best creation. On every step of life we are finding that there is a race of technology. Everyone is trying to surpass the latest thing.  All this is because of increasing curiosity and resources. This is the era of smart phone. The vehicles are reconditioned. Everything is done within seconds just by pressing a button. Man has reached the heights of success. His craving for more and more success is increasing. All such inventions add ease to the lifestyle of the people. All this because of the utmost use of science.

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When we talk about cell phones we look at the new and latest models. Like wise when we talk about vehicles there is an increasing trend of smarter cars and motor cycles. All these gain the interest of the youngsters specially. The latest invention in this field is the self drive car. It is basically called as ” autonomous car”. This invention has create a hiphe in the market. Everyone is eager to know about this car which is without a driver. It adds to its ratings. Specially youngsters are so much involved in this. They are keen to know the idea and piece of technology used in this field. This will definitely make the level of transportation very high.

This car basically works on sensing. It uses difefrent techniques to sense its surroundings. This surely makes it the best. It has a complicated structure with many technologies use. It has amazed everyone and has proved to be the best invention in the field of technology till now. It is one step ahead the invention of robots. It has many advantages which has increased its demand in the market. There are many linked procedures which work together to make it work.

Radar technique is one of the main techniques used in this process. It helps to locate and sense the other objects or vehicles coming towards it. It is the main requirement as it forbids many accidents. Avoiding accidents and making it secure is one of the prime functions of this invention. With the help of radar technology this function is accomplished.

The next technique used is the laser system. This also makes it very useful. You can easily make a car working with the laser system installed. It helps scan the obstacles coming in the way. This is a very useful aspect of functioning of this car. Other techniques include visual and audio sensors. They help to guide the car in the proper direction. All these systems are installed only for the sake of road safety. Without such systems this car is useless and cannot be driven on road. These sensors sense any type of noise specially the horns from the other vehicles. This is the prime activity of any vehicle on the road. The visual sensors usually sense light and heat. This shows the presence of other objects in the way.

There is a pack of advantages in this case. The main advantage is increased safety Due to the installation of latest systems this is one safe vehicle on the road. There is no issue of over speeding or road side accidents. Increased mobility and transport makes it best for the use of the business class. They can easily use it or transporting goods and other accessories. It has highly affected the economy and makes its ratings better. It consumes less fuel so that is why it is highly accepted by the transporters. It has an increased customer satisfaction. It also reduces crime rate. As their are no drivers there is no chance of robbery or other issues. It is also economical.

It is not adopted wide spread. All this is due to technological challenges and dispute regarding liability. If we adopt this mode of transport it will highly affect the driver community. This will decrease their shares. So, this car is not adapted widely. It is in use on small scale. But due to its benefits it is estimated that within no time this car will be sued by everyone and will be launched as an official invention.

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