Power Bank – a gadget that every mobile, laptop or tablet user should have

Science and technology has taken man to the heights where he had never imagined. We have devices and gadgets that facilitate us in literally every field that we choose, every place where we go and in everything that we do. The tasks that once used to be so difficult now seem to be very easy. The reason behind this is the facility that science has provided us with.

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One of these amazing facilities and an amazing device that we use these days is a mobile phone. People in the past would not have even imagined that one day they will be able to talk to the person that is not around them, through a communication device. Mobile phone is one of the basic needs of people these days. You can simply not imagine going out without having your phone with you. It helps you in a lot of ways. Being a mobile phone user, I can say that we all have been there, at least once when we were outside somewhere and needed our mobile phone badly, either to place a call or check an important location on GPRS, but when we checked, the battery had died. This situation is really panicking and annoying. Also, sometimes your battery dies and due to no electricity (for any reason) you are not able to charge your phone; again, really panicking and annoying.

To avoid all such conditions, there is a device that every mobile phone user should get their hands on. Yes, you know it very well, power bank.

Power bank is basically a mobile charger that you can charge and keep it with you so you can recharge your mobile phones or tablets later, when needed. This gadget is really helpful as it is quite handy and you can keep it with you all the time. Also, you do not need a socket to charge your phone when you have it, so it’s always a good idea to keep it with you when you are travelling.

How does it work?

Most of the power banks that we have are USB powered. Just like mobile phones and tablets. You can charge the power bank by through the USB (the data cable) and then, connect it to a power outlet for the electricity supply. Once you get it charged, you can keep it with you and then, connect it to your phone via the USB.

Types of power bank

Basically, there are two types of power bank

USB power bank:
This is the type of power bank that we have been discussing up till now, the reason behind focusing on this one is that it is used more commonly as compared to the other type. This power bank charges smart phones, cameras or tablets. These power banks usually come with data cables or USBs that are required to charge them.

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Laptop power bank:

There are power banks available in the market, which can charge laptops too. However, they are different than the USB power banks. These power banks come with an adapter, usually to connect to the mains.

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How well does a power bank charge?

By now, you must be thinking how well does a power bank charge, how long does it take to charge your mobile phone or how powerful it is? Power banks; basically come in different sizes, shapes and abilities to charge. To indicate the power of your power bank, you need to check its mAh. The greater the power, the greater is its ability to charge your device. Same is the case with charging your power bank. The greater is its power, the longer it takes to get charged. Most of the power banks have LED lights on them that indicate whether the power bank is charged or not or is it charging your device or not.

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Given the basic details about power banks, we would like to add that power banks are not difficult to use at all. They are quite handy and do not cost too much, so you can easily get your hands on them. If you are a traveler, or even if you have to go out frequently, either with friends, or some work related project, you need to keep it with you so your mobile phone does not run out of battery and you can use it when needed.

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