Why is iPhone at the top in mobile industry?

You must have heard apple users say “Once you start using iPhone, you do not like using any other mobile”. Ever wondered why are apple users so much obsessed with iPhone and do not prefer any other phone over it at all? There are a lot of reasons why iPhone manages to stay at the top in mobile industry every time, no matter what.

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Here are some of the reasons why iPhone beats every other mobile that is in competition with it. Have a look at them.

1.It is much more faster than android

One of the major reasons why people prefer iPhone over android is its speed. It is way faster than any other mobile, whether you are talking about any of the tasks that you are performing. Now, who does not want a smooth, faster experience while playing games, replying to texts, taking pictures or browsing anything on the internet?

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2.It has the best camera

Now this is something that almost we all are pretty much aware of. No matter how much you love your android phone, you can simply not deny the fact that iPhone has the best cameras out of all the mobile phones. Although Samsung had the plus point of having the best camera for like two years, but the newest iPhones have beat it again with their amazing cameras. What is better than storing high quality pictures of your favorite moments, in your mobile phone?

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3.iPhone apps are first and better looking

Although most of the popular apps can be used by both; android and apple users, still, iPhone holds the crown for getting these apps first. Some of the apps may come on both at the same time but still, there are a lot of apps that are only present on iPhone. Also, in the apps that are present in both at the same time, the new features or latest updates come to apple before they come to android.

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4.iPhone is better looking

Besides a very few android phones, most of them are not much smart and good looking. Most of the android phones look chunky and somewhat plastic like. Whereas iPhones have always had this crown of being better looking with their sleek designs and classy looks as compared to androids. These better designs are one of the reasons why we prefer iPhones over androids.

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Who does not know that iPhone is way, way secure than android? According to a PulseSecure mobile threat report in 2014, it was found that 97 percent of the malware targets are android mobile phones rather than iPhones. It is much more difficult to spread notorious viruses that can damage your mobile phones via a simple message, in iPhone as compared to androids due to the fact that androids are open sources and it’s difficult to implement widespread fixes in such cases whereas apple has its policies and a tough security system.

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6.Better hardware and software integration

With its amazing features and faster access to everything, iPhone has a much better hardware as well as software integration as compared to android. The faster updates, better sensor system, better security system and much more, iPhone has an amazing hardware and software integration that no android phone can beat. Besides all this, every new iPhone that is launched in the market takes the standards to a whole new level and this makes it much harder for the android phones to beat apple in this.

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7.Better customer support system

We all know how panicking it gets when we damage our phone or there is some fault in it that we can do nothing about. If you have any such problem with your iPhone, apple got you covered. In case of any issues with your android, you have to spend time searching for the solution online, talking to your carrier or looking for an office near you but in case of iPhone, you can easily find a lot of helpful articles on apple’s website, get help through live chat or can arrange an appointment at apple store. And you will get an amazing service as compared to android users that can never get this level of service.

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All these things show why Apple is much better that android and why you should definitely get your hands on iPhone if you are confused between Apple and Android.


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