Latest Facebook marketing tricks of 2017

Facebook that once used to be a social media platform that people used only to get connected to their friends and family members living far away has now become one of the biggest digital marketing platforms. A lot of brand owners, including very popular, big brands use Facebook to advertise their products and increase their marketing. We can simply not deny the power of social media, especially Facebook, as there are millions, no, billions of people that use this platform every day. You just run a marketing campaign on Facebook and you get to see its power, and the influence that it has on people.

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There are different tips, tricks and strategies that you must keep in mind while advertising on Facebook that help you increase your marketing. These simple tricks will help you increase your reach and you will notice the results yourself. Have a look at them.

1.Start posting videos

Posting videos sometimes gets too annoying because it takes more time as compared to text posts and pictures. But you need to know that the videos that you post reach a larger number of audiences as compared to the other posts and they really help you with your social media marketing.

2.Add a call to action on your page

Facebook has this feature of call to action for business pages and if you want to increase your marketing, you should take advantage of this feature that allows your fans and followers to get in touch with you, directly. Not only this seems professional but there are chances that it will increase your website traffic too.

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3.Be responsive to messages and comments

There is nothing more annoying than asking someone a question and then waiting for their reply for ages. You need to get more interactive and respond to all the messages as soon as possible. Now, even Facebook shows the response time on your page to the audience so they get to know how soon you reply to their queries.

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4.Go live more often

Live videos have a great reach as compared to all the other things on Facebook. Facebook pushes your live videos to the audience’s timelines and by notifying them about your video. This is a great way to reach out to the maximum number of people.

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5.Target specific audience

Facebook page gives you this option to target specific type of audience on your page, while advertising. You can choose the people that you want to target according to the area, gender, age and interests. This helps you with your marketing as your posts target the people of the specific interests and they might want to visit your page more often after that.

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6.Use white backgrounds

It has been observed that posts with white background draw the most attention. Whenever you post a picture, try taking it in a white background as when the background is white, the product automatically draws more attention and people stop for some time, while scrolling down to see the picture.

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7.Try Facebook offers

Facebook offers allow you to promote a deal exclusively for Facebook users. You can host giveaways and send the stuff out in return for something, like email addresses. Or you can give away discount codes to your followers that they can redeem at your store. These things really attract people.

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8.Place ads regularly

Spend a small amount on placing sponsored ads on Facebook. They reach out a large number of people and you can choose the type of people that you want to reach. It has a good effect on your sales.

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9.Host a contest

You can host a contest or a giveaway on Facebook and give some products away in return for likes, comments and shares. A lot of people participate in the giveaways hosted on Facebook and you notice a huge increase in your followers and the overall engagement on your business page.

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10.Keep it short

Do not write very long posts or captions for your pictures or videos. Keep your posts short, yet interesting so people do not skip them. Keep your content interesting so people get attracted to it.

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These are a few basic things that you should keep in mind if you are running a facebook page or are trying to advertise through Facebook. These may seem simple tricks but they help a lot when it comes to social media marketing.

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