5 Ways to Get More StumbleUpon Traffic to Your Website

Stumbleupon is one of the famous social media where you can share the link of your website post and get traffic to your website.It is is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to its users.

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Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos and videos that are personalized to their tastes and and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.It was officially launched in 2001 and the founders are garrett camp and geoff smith.

5 Ways to Get More StumbleUpon Traffic to Your Website


2.Stumble and contribute


4.Use su.pr

5.Display the su badge on your website


Stumbleupon is the best place to advertise your product or website link to get traffic into your website. There are over 40,000 brands running advertisements here, so there is nothing to be shy about. There is a catch, though. You are trying to get more users to “thumb up” your website so that it will push through the recommendations engine and reach more stumblers. If you create an advertisement that is simply an ad, those that use SU may not be kind to you and instead give you a “thumbs down,” ensuring that your content will be buried.

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Creating a marketing campaign for a resourceful blog post that can lead the targeted users to both thumbing up your content and checking out your website. After all, no one is fond of self-promoting in social media.

2.Stumble and contribute

The people who uses know that about the uses of stumbling can tell you about the platform of stumbleupon as The more you use it to stumble and thumb up or down content, the more it introduces you to amazingly interesting content that you may not find on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter feeds. What’s missing when you stumble? Your own content, of course! Obviously there is a need to submit your blog posts to SU just like you tweet them or post them to Facebook. But this in itself will not help get you a lot of traffic.

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It is only after you stumble and thumb up other content as well as contribute new content that traffic begins to be generated. Why this is the case is simple: The more you thumb up content, the more content that goes out to other stumblers that your content is aligned with. The more you stumble content and contribute in that niche where your target demographic is, the more of a chance you will be found and followed by them.


Main thing you should remember in stumbleupon is to follow.As it is social platform while you stumble at your own it allows you for recommendation  from your  SU friends to work into the recommendation engine equation as well.

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By following those that you feel you should be aligned with, you now have the potential of aligning your content with them should you be thumbing up the same content or if that person also decides to follow you back. StumbleUpon conveniently lets you know when you have new visitors to your profile, so always be on the lookout to follow back those who may be relevant to your target audience through looking at:

  • those who thumbed up your content
  • those who thumbed up content that you felt was extremely relevant to you and your target audience
  • those that visit your profile
  • those that appear in Suggestions
  • those that follow you

4.Use su.pr

There is also shortcut in stumbleupon where you can share your link shortly. when use the Su.Pr shortener to share content on Facebook or Twitter, which is most easily done automatically through the Firefox Add-on for SU, you are not only driving traffic to your website: You are also helping promote StumbleUpon because your website will now appear in the SU frame. Because you are doing SU a favor in giving them, in essence, free advertising, it is only natural that they pay you back by giving the content that you are sharing some extra “juice” in the number of times the content is sent out to other stumblers.

While everyone’s mileage might vary, I believe that within a few minutes of sharing content with the Su.Pr shorten

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er, you should see stumbler views on your content equivalent to roughly 1/2 of the number of your followers. When someone thumbs up that same link, you seem to get another batch of the same number of views. Don’t quote me on this, of course, but this is the type of behavior I have seen after utilizing the Su.Pr shortener.

5.Display the SU badge on your website

When compared to a ReTweet or a Facebook Share, the count from a StumbleUpon badge on your blog page can be a little misleading. Whereas a ReTweet or Facebook Share/Like are created by active human interaction, the number of stumbler views that appear on an SU badge count the number of times that the content has been passively introduced to other stumblers through the recommendations engine. On most of my blog posts, the number of SU views is greater than the number of ReTweets or Facebook Shares.

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Why is this important? It actually isn’t, but by giving a dedicated StumbleUpon “Submit” button to your blog posts right next to Twitter and Facebook, you are giving your audience the ability to directly “thumb up” your post. Furthermore, with those larger numbers showing, it will hopefully have the affect of influencing more people to join in the numbers and thumb up your post.

There are many other creative ways of driving traffic from StumbleUpon, but these are some starters to help you get started.There are many other creative ways of driving traffic from StumbleUpon, but these are some starters to help you get started.These are some of the ways to get traffic from stumbleupon .If you like our post please give us comment .You can also give us suggestion so we can improve ourself next time.

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