Negative and Positive Impact of Facebook

We all know how this world has turned into a global village. Thanks to all the latest technologies that are bringing people closer. One of the most widely used sources is Facebook. From a ten year old child to a 70 year old person, every other person uses Facebook these days. You can share everything on Facebook, from what’s going on in your mind, to the videos and pictures that you like, and your everyday stories with all of your friends and family using the same social media network.
There are millions of people using Facebook and day by day, the number is getting higher. However, every such thing has some good points and some bad points. You may wonder what can be bad about a site that connects you with your relatives and friends. So let’s have a look at a few points.

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Negative impact of Facebook:

Talking about the negative impacts of Facebook, the following things are the most common ones.

1.It makes you isolated

Where Facebook gets you connected to your loved ones living far away, it creates a distance between you and the people around you. You just get glued to your computers, laptops, mobiles or any other device and do not really go outside, spend time with your family or meet people. You do not really socialize and interact with people.

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2.Affects the eye sight

Spending hours and hours on your mobile phones or laptops using Facebook can have a bad effect on your eyesight. And Facebook actually is very addictive so once someone starts using it, they start spending many hours on it without keeping any of the side effects in mind.

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3.Communication with strangers

Where Facebook has facilitated you in hundreds of ways, it may create a lot of problems with you. A lot of people using Facebook are likely to communicate with people they do not know at all, or make Facebook friends who they have never met in real. This may not sound so bad, but it can bring you some really serious troubles too. There are different kinds of scammers and blackmailers too that you need to stay away from.

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4.Weakens emotional connections

When Facebook is the only source of communication, you can never develop a healthy relationship with anyone. Your feelings and emotions are not too strong if you are not spending quality time in real, and are only connected through Facebook.

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5.Bad for mental health

Facebook is greatly causing depression, anxiety and lack of self-esteem in others. Some people, especially teens start comparing their lives with others after seeing their pictures on Facebook and start feeling that their lives are not as good as others’. This not only develops depression but also plays a major role in developing feelings of jealousy for others, even for your own friends.

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6.Cyber Bullying

Another major issue that is reported is cyber bullying. A lot of teenagers are bullied on social media in different ways and this is getting very common. This issue can be really serious at times and can lead you to severe depression.

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Where these things show how it can have a negative impact on you, let’s talk about the positive impact now.

Positive impact of Facebook:

Started hating Facebook for it’s negative impacts? You’ll start loving it once again.

1.Gets you connected

With the help of Facebook, you can stay connected with your friends and family who are living far away from you. You can talk to them, share your pictures and videos and everything. It is amazing how Facebook has brought people closer to each other.

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2.Keeps you updated

With the help of Facebook, you stay updated about not only your surroundings, but the whole world. You know what’s going on in different parts of the world, what’s trending these days, what’s going on in others’ lives etc. etc.

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3.Can be used as a voice of reason in society

Facebook has helped people bring change. A lot of people run different campaigns on Facebook for different purposes and these campaigns definitely help them a lot with their purpose. It basically is the voice of youth. Also, there are many communities and societies on Facebook that actively take part in human right related campaigns.

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4.Brings out your talents

A lot of teens tell the world about their talent through Facebook. Either it is some kind of art, photography, music, poetry or anything. Facebook gives everyone a platform to succeed. Not only this, there are many entrepreneurs that earn a good amount through Facebook.

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5.Platform for businessmen

Businessmen use Facebook as their digital marketing platform. A lot of big brands not only advertise through Facebook, but they also sell their products through it. Since people from all over the world use Facebook, it is a really nice platform to run your business online.

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6.Can be used to educate others

As we mentioned above, that Facebook can be used as a voice of reason, it can also be used to educate others. People from different areas, having different mindsets and backgrounds use Facebook and you can share your opinions with them. There are a lot of people who use Facebook as a medium to share their voice and to create a positive impact on others. You can educate different people through Facebook in different ways. This really is a noble thing to do.

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We all know that everything has a bright side and a dark side; same is the case with Facebook. With all its pros and cons, Facebook is one of the world’s most popular websites that is used in almost every country. If you are worried about the negative impacts, do keep in mind that taking care of them is in your hands. You can always prevent yourself and your loved ones from the negative impacts of Facebook. This will be much easy if people make sure that they are not spending too much time on Facebook, aren’t ignoring their family for it and are not talking to strangers. Parents should also keep an eye on the activities of their children.



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