10 secrets that your website is getting low traffic daily

Today the world is all about internet as everybody is connected with internet somewhere. And the topic we are discussing today is the secrets of the website getting low traffic daily.There are many website in the world that gives information on particular topics.The thing is that some of the website get huge traffic and some of the website gets low traffic although the website is active.Atually it is also very difficult to bring traffic in website.main thing needed to bring traffic in website is also the passion.

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10 secrets that your website is getting low traffic daily are as follow:

1.Irritating content

2.lack of SEO


4.Social marketing


6.Copied content

7.low followers

8.not focusing in one keyboard

9.may your current idea is not working

10.you are not promoting your content

1.Irritating content

You are writing the content in your website and publishing the content but if you content is like irritating the audience then there is chance of loosing the traffic as your content if irritating.If you write good content the traffic will come 100 %.So,do not write irritating content.Expert also says that today the content is king as content plays and important role in bringing traffic to the site.

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2.Not doing SEO in website

If your website is not SEO based there is huge change of getting low traffic in website so it is necesary to do SEO in your website to bring good traffic in your website .So you can do SEO with good company and rank your site in top of good.SEO plays an impormant role in bringing traffic.

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If you dont have any passion in your work that you are doing you will never be success so passion is the main thing that you need in your work.Passin also plays an important role in your work if you have passion one day you will be success in your work.So try to be passionate in your work.

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4.Social marketing

If you have website but you are not using social marketing you will never get any traffic in your website so try to use all the social marketing and share your content that will bring good traffic to your site.So try to use the social marketing site like facebook,twitter and pinterest and make many fans following which brings huge traffic to your site.

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Backlinking are incoming links to a webpage,when a webpage links to any other page, its called backlinking.so,backlinking plays an important role to bring huge traffic in website.If you website backlink is poor there chance of getting lowtraffic.

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6.Copied Content

If you are updating your website daily but you are copying the content from others website that is the waste of time so please do not copy any content from other website you should write unique content by yourself that will bring good traffic in your website.So,never copy the content and publish in your website that will never bring traffic to your website.Copied content results zero so try to write unique content by yourself or you can hire any content writer who is eligible for your website.

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7.Low followers

One of the reason that your website is geting low traffic is also due to low followers that you are having in social media .try to like and comment others content so they will also follow your content and also they will follow you back.

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8.Not focusing in one keyboard

It may also be that you are focusing on many keyboard so you are getting low traffic .focus one one keyboard that are mostly being searched in google.If you focus only in one keyboard your website will surely get more traffic daily.

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9.May your idea is failing

Sometime the idea that you are using in your work may not be working so you may change your idea that may work for you.Failing in idea may also be the reason that you are getting low traffic in your website.

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10.Not promoting content

One of the thing that your website is getting low traffic is also that you are not promoting your content.You wrote great content but your website have low follows which will bring low traffic so if you promote the content there is chance of getting more traffic in your site.

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One reason you are not getting traffic in your website may be not promoting the content.If you promote your content that may bring good traffic to your website .So you should write unique content and try to promote your content.

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