10 facts you don’t know about technology

Today, you can talk to your family and friends that live miles away from you. You can drive to their houses and you can interact with millions of people in real time across the globe. Long story short, there is nothing you cannot do today in the world of technology. Our days start and end with the favor of technology be it interacting with someone through our smartphones, driving to our offices or even a thing as simple as making ourselves a cup of coffee early in the morning using a coffee maker. We are hopeless without technology. Life without technology is impossible in today’s world. To us, technology today is rather something very common and underrated but listed below are some of the most amazing facts regarding technology.

1.The Firefox logo

Mozilla Firefox is probably one of the most commonly used browsers today. It was released back in November 2004 and was a massive success with a recorded 60 million downloads in only 9 months’ time but here’s a lesser known fact about it. The Firefox logo is not really a fox, it’s a red panda. Red pandas are native to southwestern China and are called Firefox in English. We bet you didn’t know that.

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2.The very first Apple logo

Apple is the biggest smartphone manufacturer today with a net worth of nearly 750 billion dollars. That’s a lot of money for a brand that sells smartphones with no Bluetooth and now well with no headphone jack either. Nonetheless apple deserves all the praise. It doesn’t lag at least, jokes on you Samsung. The very first apple logo wasn’t an apple with a bite taken off it. It was rather an amusing logo that depicted the real life event of Sir Isaac Newton sitting underneath a tree and an apple falling on his head. Now that’s clever, isn’t it?

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3.The charm of iPod

If you’re an apple fan-boy, you must have had at least one of the models of iPod. IPod was a revolutionary idea by apple that allowed you to listen to music anywhere and it was pretty convenient too. Maybe that’s why it took the iPod only 3 years to reach an audience of 50 million while it took the radio 38 years and the television, 13 years to do so. Amazing!

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4.Ghost money

Who doesn’t love money? Yes money can’t buy happiness but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes Benz than on a bicycle. With billions of dollars trafficking around the globe every year through transactions or whatnot, only 8% of the global money exists physically. The rest 92% is stored digitally. Probably useful information for a hacker.

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5.The most expensive phone

If you think iPhones are expensive, you probably are unaware of a rather ingenious device by Motorola. In 1983, Motorola launched the Dyna TAC 800x that costed nearly 4000 dollars!

Why Motorola why?

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Technology is an important part of our lives but apparently there’s a word “technophobia” that means “fear of technology” while cyber phobia means “fear of computers”. I wonder if someone actually searched the “what is the fear of technology called?” on internet because that’d be so ironic.

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7.Literally a bug

The first computer bug detected was literally a bug. It was a dead moth found in the relay of mark 2 on 9th September 1945.

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Bonus fact:

“I love you” is still considered the most damaging virus. Not sure if literally or not. The virus is sent via email that says “a love letter from a secret admirer”. I guess we all agree, no?

8.Easy money

Facebook is the biggest social app to date with a user base of more than a billion users. Facebook in recent years has improved by leaps and bounds both in terms of privacy as well as users security. Facebook will pay you 500 dollars if you’re able to hack into Facebook. Fancy a try?

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9.True virtual love

Love is hard to find, harder to keep. Studies show that 1 out of 8 met through internet in the recent years. So basically more people are meeting their better halves online than in real life.

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10.The fastest growing profession

Last but not the least, computer programming is the fastest growing profession considering the current status of technology and importance in future years to come. It really is an amazing career to uptake.

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