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This is the era of 21st century. There are many new inventions in which the world is becoming smarter and smarter. If you are living in this era you must be amazed because of the wonders nowadays. The knowledge is increasing day by day. People are striving hard to make this world a better place. Youngsters are involved in research and implementation of knowledge. This is the era of moving forward with the speed of light. The world is getting better day by day.All this credit goes to the technology.

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Technology is basically the use of inventions and knowledge to make lives easier. This is the project of working better for the mankind. This is becoming the era of machines. Everything is being dependent on machines. Man is making lives easier. This is the step towards better. Every bit of knowledge is being utilized for making things better. This is the name of technology which is taking people towards them. They are investing their minds and efforts on it. If you want to keep pace with this word. You have to make your selves involved in every section.

This is the need of the hour to make yourself up to date with the knowledge. If you are stable enough to cope up with the advancing age and demands of the era. Then you can survive in this era. Every sec is important and being counted. This is the demand of this era. This is the latest century. Inventions are increasing day by day. Everything is approachable within seconds. This is the world of magical dilemma. If one has to be the best he has to work harder. Things are easier and complicated too. So, buckle up to tackle this world of technology.

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The Internet is the main example of the technology. This has revolutionized the era. Years ago it was not as available as it is today. Nowadays internet is available in every nook and corner of the world. It is the easiest way to stay connected. Firstly it was an advancement and considered as a luxury. Nowadays it is the need of the hour. It is the basic requirement of every place. Wifi technology has changed the concept of the internet. It is available everywhere. The whole world is just a click away from your sight. The speed is increasing day by day.  Firs it was 2G now it is 3G and even 4 G. This is the amazing invention. Downloading and searching is within no time. Everything is available and google search engine. This has made the life easier and comprehensive.

Coming up to smart phones, they are the most important invention of the century. Firstly there were mobile handsets which were huge and massive. They were difficult to use and carry. And then the invention of smart phones mesmerized us. They make us realize that the things can be made easier. The things are moving from huge to smarter. Now, the whole world is captivated in this small device. With the help of the internet, the smart phone is the basic invention of the era. GPS tracking, searching on the internet, UBER services, online transactions, and payments all in one. This has made the world a better and easy place to handle.

Newer software and smaller chips have made the world smaller. Overseas, communication is no problem. This is the best depiction of technology. Everything is approachable.  All the data and documentation is saved within a chip. This technology including tracking and data transformation has helped a lot in security issues. CCTV cameras and RADAR systems are helping out. In every field of life, there is the application of technology. From an advanced refrigerator to DC invertor air conditioners everything is linked to technology. Without technology, everything is shattered. Chines, Japanese everyone is walking ahead towards the technology.

The invention of the robot is another main factor of this century. Chinese and Japanese have revolutionized this game. Within a few years, there will be robots all over the globe. This will be the height of technology. Experiments are being conducted everywhere to test this. One day due to emerging knowledge the world will be in the hands of technology.


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