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This is the era of modernism. The technology is gaining trend. Without technology, nothing works out. Due to resources and hard work, people are making the world better and smarter. This is the era of smart things. House is changing into apartments. Lines are changed into wireless. These are the steps towards revolution. Mobile phone technology is the main focus these days. This is the world where we talk about brands. Everything has a tag price. Every brand comes up with its specific characters. And the brand which gains its popularity is due to their quality performance. The feedback of the customers matters a lot. If a specific brand is famous among the masses it crashes the stock market. It shares talk to heights. So, the world is moving fast.

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If we talk about mobile phones. This is the need of an hour. The technology has reached to such a height that nowadays everyone is seeking better. Whenever we talk about brands in the field of mobile phones we can never neglect the importance of “apple iPhones”. This is the most famous and expensive brand of mobile phones out there. Manufactured by the Apple Company these phones have a different system.

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Apple is an American multinational company that develops and sells electronics. The electronics manufactured by Apple are totally different from every other appliance. They have their own characteristic features. That is why this brand has a tag rice in the market of electronics.

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When Apple manufactures mobile phones they are called as iPhones. With the best models and features. Nowadays all the hype is about the launch of the latest iPhone which is Iphone8. All the iPhone lovers are eager to know the mesmerizing features of this new addition. The launch ceremony which is happening today reveals all the features of this new device. The launch of I8 is a revolutionary step in the field of electronics. This company has took the mobile phone industry to such a revolutionary height. People have the enthusiasm to look at this latest one.

When there is hype there is a controversy. Many features of this phone got leaked two days back. The buyers were eager to know what this phone has got in it. The budget of iPhone 8 will range from $1000. Apple claims that it will get a heavy sale. It will have a longer battery life and a faster processor. In the last release of iPhone 7 there was jo OX and now this phone contains no home button. Apple has its own designs and manufacturing.  Apple plans to hit the market hard. For this, they might have a release of three phones altogether. IPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X. This will highly engage the market. Due to expensive rates it specifically affects the economic range. The eager iPhone buyers are having bookings to get the latest iPhone. This shows the interest of customers for this upcoming device. Apple also claims to release an Apple watch. All these products are ready to amaze you.

The best attractive feature is its glass body. This feature attracts the customers. Everyone wants a better look for their phone. The apparent features are excellent. The new phone lacks a home button. The faster A11 processor is kicking hard. Moreover, wireless inductive charging has amazed everyone. This is a revolution in the field of this industry. The next amazing feature is the facial recognition. It has made everyone said “wow”. The finger print technology has been ruled out in this device. The LED is estimated to be 5.8 inches. This gives a better display. The battery timing seems to be improved.

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This phone has got a new name “iPhone X”. This phone has really got an X factor. The ratings are high. People are eager to get into this. The plus series has a bigger LED display.  As long the demanding features are out every social site is talking about these features. Apple has taken a radical step in the field of technology. This phone has expected to have a better sale than iPhone 7. This product will get the best review till now. For all the Apple lovers this is the best product. Everyone hopes this to be a successful launch.

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